Top Illusions

Fishy Faces


Body paint of two fish, incorporating the models' own mouths into the figures.


Illusions In Nature


Optical illusions are often crafted from scratch but they can be found in nature, too. Here are a select few photos showcasing mother nature's creations. Some are too unreal to believe, but I'll leave that for you to decide.


Five Sexy Optical Illusions


"What the eyes see, the mind believes"

5 hand-picked illusions have been selected for your viewing pleasure. The first and last illusions are based on the same idea. Make sure you don't blink or else it will not work.

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Artistic illusions by Octavio Ocampo


Two artistic illusions by the surreal artist, Octavio Ocampo.


Trompe L'oeil


Fortunately, these sets of images are photoshopped. Though as much as I would love to see one of these on the road...

This form of art is called Trompe L'oeil, or "deceive the eye" in French, and has a long history dating back to the late 16th century. As Wikipedia defines the term:


How to create the Impossible Nail Through Wood trick


A step by step instructional on creating the classic and seemingly impossible Nail Through Wood trick.

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Interactive Street Trompe L'oeil


From an unknown artist we have a series of paintings that all look like they have been drawn in the same city, perhaps even on the same street. These Trompe L'oeil are quite interactive and pedestrians alike seem to enjoy taking part in some of the illusions. One more bonus image of a beautiful lady blending in with a wall using body paint.


More Subway Perspective Illusions


This post follows up on The Graffiti Stairs Illusion with even more perspective drawings that are found within the same subway station. See the full set of photos right after the break!


Veja Magazine's "Get Both Sides"


These sets of faces were constructed with just words. Try and see if you can make out the words. You'll see that the words themselves describe or portray a bit about the person depicted in the whole illustration itself.

The words are: Dead Alive, Peace War, Tiranny or Freedom, Threat Pretext.


Three Cool Sentence Illusions


In the first photo, count the number of F's. How many do you see? Hint: There are more than 4.

In the second photo, there is an error in the grammar. Can you spot it? Hint: Twice.

In the third photo, say the color of the ink out loud. How fast can you do it?